Why Does My Business Need a Dedicated Server?

Why Does My Business Need a Dedicated Server?

The business world is becoming more and more digital. From e-commerce shopping to online files and record-keeping, equipping your company with strong technology has never been more crucial. But when it comes to maximizing consumer experience and security, there may be a factor you haven’t considered: How are you hosting your website? It might be time to switch to a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

When you created your business’s website, you had to choose what type of server you’d like to host it on. The primary options are typically shared or dedicated servers and — due to the reduced cost associated with shared servers — many owners gravitate toward this choice.

A dedicated server comes with a higher price point because, upon purchasing it, your site will have exclusive use of the server. It’s all yours.

What Does a Dedicated Server Mean for Businesses?

Having exclusive rights over a server can have real impacts on your business. You will no longer be sharing bandwidth and processing with other sites, allowing your customers to see faster loading times and results when visiting your pages.

Although installing security measures on the server will be your responsibility, you’ll also be able to count on these programs more. You’ll know exactly what protections you have and will also not have to worry about other sites on your server getting viruses or malware. You can be confident in the health of your site and the safety of your consumers’ personal information.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Invest

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated that many shoppers turn to e-commerce for their product needs. Having a strong and secure online presence for clients to interact with will allow your business to grow and thrive, even during these strange times.

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