Essential IT Services Your Company Needs

Essential IT Services Your Company Needs

No matter the size of your business, you will need IT services at one point. You’ll need technology to store your data which has to be protected, connected, and maintained. A lot needs to be covered which prompts most companies to outsource their IT support. Outsourcing your IT support ensures you get a tailored approach that fits your needs and reduces costs. Here are some of the IT services you didn’t know your company needed.

Essential IT Services You Didn’t Know Your Company Needed

1. Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring helps in gathering information from your devices to help perform IT services management without affecting your work. Remote monitoring can detect and repair issues that lead to security risks and downtime. You need remote monitoring to monitor your network and computers. Therefore, your workstations will operate at peak performance.

2. Off-Site Cloud Backup

Storing your backup data on-site exposes it to the risk of flood or fire. There you need an offsite backup to protect your data. Every business needs a good backup in case of network failure. With a backup, your systems are restored which reduces your potential downtime.

Backing up your data is crucial to ensure things run smoothly even after your data gets stolen or hacked. You need an offsite location to back up your data. Cloud backup is when a copy of your data is sent to an off-site server. Cloud backup offers your organization with fast recovery of your enterprise data at reduced costs.

3. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

It’s an online service that allows your clients to communicate through voice-calling using as-needed basis or ongoing basis.  The IT service uses your internet in place of a telephone. You can make and receive calls using ISP.

4. Network Security

The network security services protect your connected devices from attacks, mishandling, or undesired access. Your IT provider will take care of all your network security needs by evaluating the security of your intranet and internet connections. Your valuable data will be safe from loss and theft.

No matter your business size, ACIS® IT solutions have several managed plans for your business. We will save you time and money, contact us today.