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ACIS IT Solutions can help design and install any kind of CCTV closed circuit television, IP video, and analog systems for both residential and commercial environments such small offices, retail stores, commercial buildings, public areas, manufacturing, and private homes.

CCTV surveillance systems are now widely used in almost any environment. Our homes and offices may be a target for burglars and vandals. This is why more and more people would want to have CCTV cameras installed on their premises. People are using closed circuit systems with remote viewing to deter crimes of inventory theft, burglary, and break-ins of residential and commercial property. Though you can’t always prevent these crimes, having a CCTV installed will make your home and business less attractive to thieves and vandals.  It has proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to deter crime. A video surveillance system will make perpetrators think twice and capture evidence of crime, making it easier to prosecute those responsible.

CCTV can also be used to monitor employees thus increasing productivity, maximize efficiency and employee performance. These systems can also provide you with a way to view customer behavior and traffic giving you greater insight and awareness to your business.  Being aware of these habits and behavior such as the hours when they are likely to patronize your business gives you a greater edge over your competition.

With the increase of Network based cameras and recorders and the need to view the units offsite has allowed ACIS IT Solutions to provide the installation and consulting to get the best solution for the consumer is specified, installed, and maintained.

If you have specific requirements or needs for your new home security or business video surveillance system, make sure you give that information to the CCTV installation services. We can customize things to fit your needs.

At ACIS IT Solutions, we possess the skill sets needed not only to provide a camera system but with our trained staff we will provide a CCTV installation that will benefit every aspect of your business. Let us make sure the solution you need will work with your network, internet connection, and ensure that any IP video that is put on your network will not slow down the network and internet connection that you depend on for your daily operations.

Our services include but are not limited to:

DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Sales & Installation

Wireless Cameras

Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems

Digital Video Recorders-DVR

Network Video Recorders-NVR

PC, Embedded, and Hybrid

Wireless Video Systems

Security Cameras

IP Dome Cameras

Multi-location Surveillance

Indoor and outdor surveillance

Video Surveillance Cameras

Mega pixel cameras (HD+)

Remote viewing from pc/phone

Infrared night cameras

IP cameras

Network cameras

Card Access Integration

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