Outsourcing IT in Business – Ways it Will Help Increase Your Revenue

Outsourcing IT in Business – Ways it Will Help Increase Your Revenue

Technology is one of the main elements that characterize today’s business environment. It has significantly changed how firms function in various fields. As competition becomes increasingly stiff, investing in IT is one way of staying ahead of your competitors. Consequently, IT outsourcing has become a norm in the United States, especially for small and medium enterprises.

IT outsourcing is a common trend among many SMEs. In a recent article by Forbes, more than 60% of small and medium enterprises in the US outsource IT support services. This ensures their strategic positioning even when they do not have the money needed to invest in viable IT technical support.

Why IT Outsourcing is Important to a Business

Most successful businesses today have multiple divisions that are largely technologically-based. No matter the industry in which your business operates, it can hardly survive without the internet. Technology has numerous tangible and intangible benefits that will increase your business’ efficiency and profitability.

Normally, a strong technological infrastructure affects many aspects of a business, including its culture, relationships, and efficiency. More importantly, it substantially affects how well confidential information is secured.

Thus, IT support has the following essential benefits for your business:

  • It keeps your business secure as cybersecurity continuously becomes a global threat.
  • It helps you organize business information, such as payment information and client profiles.
  • It transforms customer service by facilitating prompt communication.
  • It increases your business’ research capacity as it can easily research new opportunities, enabling it to stay ahead of competitors.

Which IT Support Services Can you Outsource?

A professional IT support provider will provide many IT-related services. Normally, you will consider contracting them since it is cheaper than establishing an expensive technological infrastructure for your firm.

The provider will, thus, manage the company’s network, services, users, and devices that are essentially integral to your organization’s operations.

Their common tasks include:

  • Data backup and recovery.
  • Web development and hosting.
  • Network monitoring and security management.
  • Application and software development.
  • Overall technical support.
  • Database development and management.
  • General application and website maintenance.

How Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Increase its Revenue

If your business lies within the SME category, you will need to contract a trustworthy IT services company for all your technological needs. As earlier indicated, contracting a third party is cost-effective compared to buying and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

By doing this, your business will enjoy the following immediate and long-term benefits:

Outsourcing Saves You Labor Costs

One way of increasing your organization’s profitability is by reducing costs. Ideally, establishing and maintaining a large in-house IT department is extremely expensive. In the United States, a tech support specialist earns up to $46,420 annually, while a systems analyst earns approximately $80,000 per year.

You will also need other specialists, such as network administrators and data administrators. All these costs can be saved if you engage a third-party. The contractor brings highly-skilled IT specialists at a fraction of the normal labor-related costs.

It Saves You IT Costs

Apart from labor, establishing an IT infrastructure is a nightmare for most companies. It is expensive to install its various elements, such as networks, services, security protocols, and storage components.

When you outsource IT support services, all the fixed IT costs become variable costs. You only pay for the services rendered, substantially reducing costs. So, outsourcing is and will always be a wise option.

The Flow of Services Goes Uninterrupted

Third-party IT service providers are highly efficient and reliable. They are in business and will deliver high-quality services to retain their clients. If you hire them, you are assured that exemplary hardware and software management 24/7. They will offer innovative IT solutions for all your business needs, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of services, which eventually translates to increased profitability.

You Will Always Focus on Core Business

When all your IT systems are sorted, you and your employees can relax. You don’t have to divide attention between IT concerns and core business functions. Everyone stays focused on what they are skilled at and paid to do, meaningfully increasing productivity.

Expanded Resources

IT infrastructure is a vital resource for every enterprise. However, only large firms have the resources needed to maintain cutting edge technologies. With outsourcing, even small businesses can enjoy state-of-the-art IT resources, which provides a more equitable environment for large and small organizations.

Decreased Risk

You will not fear financial losses emanating from cyber-attacks. You will also not incur fines resulting from non-compliance issues. As cyber threats and government regulations rapidly evolve, outsourcing IT services helps in mitigating all the related risks.

Increased Competitiveness is Guaranteed

If you want to establish an IT infrastructure, you will need more money for research, development, and implementation. These costs will be transferred to the customers, reducing the company’s competitiveness. However, engaging a third-party IT services provider gives you trained, qualified, experienced, and certified personnel to handle all your IT-related issues. This not only saves you money but also increases competitiveness.


Outsourcing IT has become a common trend in today’s business environment. As you outsource, you are assured of lower labor costs, and it saves the hustle of installing an IT infrastructure. Your business gets the best services from trained, experienced, and certified professionals, enabling you to accelerate business processes.

If you are considering outsourcing IT support services, please contact us. At ACIS® IT Solutions, we can manage all your IT solutions, freeing up employee time and improving productivity levels. This will significantly lead to a corresponding increase in revenues.