Brooks Gas Letter of Reference

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the hardware and support upgrades that you guided us through. The new server, firewall, router, switch, and workstations are performing flawlessly, and your hardware recommendations were exactly what we needed. You were willing to offer acceptable solutions within our budget and be frank about increasing spending in the areas that we initially did not see the need. The two-factor authentication has been enthusiastically adopted by everyone in the office after Charles explained how easy it was to use and the added security benefits the tokens provided.

The managed services have been an absolute game changer. It allows me to focus on the daily needs of our business and not waste time diagnosing software or hardware issues. Employees appreciate having a single point of contact and the quick turnaround times. Your willingness to work with our software vendors has been appreciated by both myself and our vendors. More than once they have commented on your knowledge and willingness to keep an open mind when they require something that is not standard. Managed Services is just that, managed. If the Internet, phones, or anything else technology related is not working, I no longer must call each company and deal with them on my own. Knowing there is only one number to call, ACIS®, has taken an Internet outage or phone system failure from something that use to ruin an afternoon to something that becomes a five-minute phone call. The monthly report outlining your time spent on our account is a pleasant reminder on how much time I have kept focusing on my business and not on IT. Furthermore, I was able to take a vacation without worrying about if the switches would fail or the Internet would go down—something that has not happened for far too long.

I look forward many more years of doing business together. The service you provide has been invaluable to our company and it is appreciated.

Brian Brooks