Halfway Schools Letter of Reference

I am writing a letter of reference regarding ACIS® IT Solutions. They have serviced our IT needs at Halfway schools for approximately four years and we could not be happier. My first year at Halfway our tech situation was in complete disarray and we struggled to have internet and other technologies working on a consistent basis. We were constantly frustrated with our IT situation and then we called ACIS®. Their team surveyed our situation and devised a plan of action to bring our technology system up to a high standard at an affordable rate.

Our staff is extremely happy with the service ACIS® provides. They are always professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. This company goes above and beyond our expectations to make sure our system runs smoothly. They continually find ways to save us time and money relating to current issues and even help us with potential issues in the future.

We have called ACIS® after hours and they have always been friendly and willing to help us in any way possible so that we can have a normal day during our hours of operation. The staff at ACIS® takes a vested interest in our school and their employees become part of our Halfway family. Our faculty and staff all appreciate the ACIS® staff and all they provide for our school

As the Superintendent of Halfway R-III Schools and on behalf of our entire staff, I have and continue to highly recommend ACIS® It Solutions without reservation. We could not have been more pleased with their service thus far and look forward to working with ACIS® for my years to come.

If you have any further questions, please call at 417-445-2211.


Lance W. Roweton
Halfway R-III School