Walnut Grove Schools Letter of Reference

I am writing in regards to our contract services with ACIS® IT Solutions. Travis Schnelle, the President of the company, has been contracted with our district for the past seven years. Over those years, his company has provided us with monthly services that cover onsite IT work orders, scheduled maintenance, license updates, renewing our web hosting and firewall protection. They take care of all of our maintenance including items under warranty. I have found Travis and his employees to be very professional, knowledgeable, proficient, and supportive to our district.

They have taken calls after hours and even on weekends when we have had emergencies. I can call him on a day they aren’t scheduled to be here and if it is an emergency, he will send someone out if they can’t fix our problem remotely. I can stop in anytime with something that needs to be fixed and they work on it and bring it back the next week. Not a lot of companies want to invest their time unless they are compensated for their time. But I can tell you, I have been able to contact Travis or an employee to help resolve an issue and they have always taken the time to assist our district.

Outside of our monthly contract with ACIS® IT Solutions, they have done lots of other work for the district. Travis has provided assistance with our E-Rate paperwork, our website design, and our documents to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding technology. We have had ACIS® install video cameras, run new network cables to connect our gym to our main building, assist in purchasing and installing new technology equipment, run Cat5 cable for our new ceiling mounts, install a new backup NAS server for our district, install a new cable system from our new paging system in all buildings, and update/add new Wi-Fi throughout the district inside and outside. These are just a few of the things I can currently list.

We are extremely happy with the service we receive from ACIS® IT Solutions and I recommend Travis and his company every opportunity I have. The commitment they make to our district is amazing and far exceeds my expectations. If given the opportunity in another school district, I wouldn’t think twice about wanting to contract services with Travis and ACIS® IT Solutions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding ACIS® IT Solutions.

Gwenda Barton