Onsite Network Support – How will you benefit from it?

Onsite Network Support – How will you benefit from it?

Due to the advancements in communication nowadays, it’s easier to deal with technical difficulties. Passwords can be reset online, bandwidth issues can be resolved; even systems check can be done remotely nowadays. All you need is a good internet connection, a phone line, and your choice of help desk service – email, phone call, or live chat. Even training an entire IT team can be done with web conference or teleconference. Remote services offer real time solutions at the fraction of a cost.

Although there are numerous benefits to having a remote staff take care of your technical support, there are still some cases and scenario that an onsite IT Team is called for. The computers and servers need to be checked manually by a trained IT professional from time to time to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Even your company’s software needs to be maintained by an IT professional. There are many situations that still need a face to face approach, even though a remote staff is available to provide technical support. Variables such as availability of connection to the party needing support, or qualifications of the person receiving instructions on the other end will come into play.

The severity of the technical issue also comes into play when deciding what type of support is needed. Having an onsite IT support team is beneficial especially in cases that require immediate action, for instance if there is an impending case of data damage or loss. An onsite team can help with the recovery of loss data and avoid further data loss. Network security is also a factor.

When considering an IT firm to work with, one must think of the ability of the IT firm in times of crisis. The IT firm should be able to deliver results in a timely manner, and they must be able to recover as much data as possible in times of data loss. The IT firm must be well aware of your security protocols, and they must be able to handle cases that involve network security. Since this will be an onsite team, the IT firm that you will be working must be trustworthy and honest, and they must hold security with high regards.

Onsite network support also aids in maintaining your company’s software and hardware, and it acts as a preventive measure to future technical issues. Your investments need to be protected from damage with routine maintenance by a highly trained and qualified IT professional. A routine inspection and repair of your hardware and software will greatly prevent future damage. Having an onsite IT person will give you an opportunity to ask an expert directly about your systems, what preparations are needed and at the same time, you will be given real time advice on what areas in your site that needs immediate attention. This can’t be done with remote service.

When it comes to managed IT services, ACIS® IT Solutions provides highly skilled and qualified individuals that will help you run your business and keep your investments intact. Our team of IT professionals has the technical knowledge and skills to help protect your investment. These individuals have high standards when it comes to security, rest assured that your facility and data are in safe hands.

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