Data Recovery Services

Data recovery from hard drive and equipment failure is a surprisingly common problem, and one that can put your data at great risk. The longer the downtime, the bigger the losses that this situation may cause in your business. But retrieving that data is often harder than the situation may seem. The basic fact is that 98.5% of the data is recoverable but at what expense? Data and drive recovery is almost always possible for as long as you take the right course of action. Inexperienced technicians may even cause more damage than harm because they simply do not know when to stop. At ACIS IT Solutions, there are highly trained and experienced trained data recovery personnel who will work on recovering this very valuable data for you.

With a quick phone call or stopping by we can help you determine whether your problem is a mechanical one, or is simply file system based. We at ACIS IT Solutions understand that the loss of valuable company/personal data can be a serious issue, and we work with you to recover your data, as quickly and effectively as possible. Remember that expertly trying to recover data immediately have a greater chance of success that putting it off for later.

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Knowledgeable Data Recovery Experts

At ACIS IT Solutions our experience enables us to provide you peace of mind that your data is safe, and recoverable in almost any instance. Remember that in most situations, your important data is almost never completely lost. With our state of the art equipment and the staff that would handle the problem for you, you can just sit back and relax until we recover your lost data. You can be sure that we can safely recover your files without further damaging your system. If we can’t do it, then definitely no one else can!

This is the case not only with user errors, such as accidentally deleting files or an accidentally formatted drive, but also in the case of:

Power surges

Lightning damage

Natural disasters

Viruses, sabotage or equipment failure

We will then rule out the reason why your data was lost in the first place and educate your staff on the do’s and dont’s in handling your data so you wouldn’t have to experience the same problem over and over again.

Experienced Data Recovery

ACIS IT Solutions have over 15 years of experience in the industry and would love to help with the recovery of your data. We can definitely work things out for you. You can always depend on us to solve all your computer needs. Contact us at 417-823-7100 or by clicking here and we will be happy to provide a no cost evaluation.

What our customers say

Michael Richards left us the following 5 star review on our ACIS IT Solutions Facebook page

I just got off the phone with Charles. I made a phone appointment with him earlier in the day. I was late calling him due to another meeting. and he never made me feel rusted. He had quoted me about 80.00 for the first hour. He talked me thru the steps to find the drive in question. I am able to get all files i needed. We were on the phone about 15 minutes and when he charged me, he only charged me 40.00. Companies like this is were real service is provided. Other companies wanted 500.00 just to look at drive. Please use their services often. as we will be.

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