Who Would Want to Hack My Network?

Who Would Want to Hack My Network?

When people think about hacked networks, the ones that come to mind are the ones that make the news.  No one is going to publicize the fact that your neighbor or co-worker was the victim of a network intrusion, but any unprotected network sticks out to today’s cybercriminals:

  • Script kiddies lack the experience and know-how of the hardened hacker but can trash your network for the fun of it, not to mention plant malware or other viruses. On the other hand, gangs of hackers with state-of-the-art tools continuously roam the web hunting for the unprotected or unaware.
  • Speaking of viruses, COVID-19 has turned a bright spotlight on remote access to computers and networks.  As companies turn to remote work options, an increased focus on network vulnerabilities and how to exploit them will surely follow.
  • Hacking tools have never been more sophisticated and require little skill to operate or harvest data with.
  • Automated tools are looking for certain vulnerabilities or a lack of safeguards.  They don’t care whether this is your home network or the Yahoo! corporate campus.

The good news is that the cost of protecting your network continues to decrease.  The right tools can provide peace of mind and keep your personal data such as bank account information away from prying eyes.  Home networks and networks for small businesses cannot afford to overlook the insurance that network security provides.

Your tools will only be as good as their configuration.  At a minimum, we recommend a firewall and router to provide perimeter security for any network connected to the Internet.  Even if your network consists of a computer or two and Wi-Fi for your phones and tablets, an automated attack won’t care and will locate your valuable data if left unprotected.

But just having a firewall isn’t enough.  You need an expert to tune it to prevent the wrong traffic, allow the right traffic, and to prove its effectiveness. We can help you decide on the right solution based on your usage, and also install and test your network for security peace of mind.