Why We Have Partnered With Fortinet

Why We Have Partnered With Fortinet

In today’s digital world, security is becoming more important than ever. As our reliance on technology increases, so does the list of our potential vulnerabilities. That is why we have chosen to partner with Fortinet, one of the top-rated security companies, as our exclusive security hardware vendor. Here’s why we made that decision.

Fortinet Has a Positive Reputation

Known all over the cybersecurity sector, Fortinet has a reputation for being one of the best security solutions on the market. It has earned that reputation by providing swift responses to threats in its customers’ networks. These threats, if not handled quickly and carefully, can cause irreversible harm to a business. With Fortinet, you can feel comfortable knowing that your valuable data is safe from attacks. As a result of the company’s glowing reputation, it has been the recipient of many industry awards such as Best Security Vendor at the Belgian Channel Awards in 2020.

Fortinet Has a Wide Range Of Solutions

Among many of the company’s security solutions, we use its FortiGate firewalls and wireless security solutions. FortiGate is the company’s flagship platform and is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any type of environment, so it is compatible in almost any situation. In addition to its flagship firewall platform, the company also offers antivirus software, endpoint security, intrusion prevention, and more.

These are just two of the many reasons why we have chosen to partner with Fortinet as our exclusive security hardware vendor. With its many security offerings in conjunction with its admirable reputation across the industry, Fortinet is the clear choice when in need of security solutions. If you’re in the market for IT solutions such as networking, cabling, hardware, cloud, or security, contact us at ACIS® IT Solutions today for a quote.