Do I Still Need Antivirus Software?

Do I Still Need Antivirus Software?

As you become more tech-savvy, you might pride yourself on the ability to avoid spam links or suspicious websites. Perhaps your computer comes automatically equipped with programs that are described as being naturally resistant to malware. These improvements may lead you to believe that skipping out on antivirus software could save you some money.
On the contrary, as we become increasingly digital — and trust our personal devices with more and more of our data — antivirus software has never been a more worthy investment.

What Antivirus Software Does

Once your device is equipped with antivirus software, it starts working hard without you even knowing it. Your software will operate in the background of everything you do on your computer, making sure that downloaded programs, files, or links don’t contain malware. This protects the safety and security of your data.
Additionally, antivirus software can let you know in real-time when a virus has been detected, and how to get rid of it. This is extremely useful, as you can encounter a virus anytime you:

  • Engage with spam emails
  • Download materials like pictures, text files, or games
  • Install programs without investigating what you’re agreeing to

Viruses on your computer are just like viruses that make you sick — they can be treated. But if left unattended, they can be a lot more costly.

What’s at Stake

Viruses come in many different forms, with lots of different goals. And while some viruses may be more visible than others, they can all affect how well your computer operates. Whether they’re permanently damaging your computer’s hardware, or causing your pages to lag and crash, you don’t want them around.
More than just costing you time, viruses can cost you money — a lot of money. In 2019, the global cost of malware was $2 trillion. A small investment in an antivirus software can prevent you from being among the 16 million households that were victims of a serious virus in the past two years.

ACIS® IT Solutions

ACIS® IT Solutions has all of our clients invest in Bitdefender antivirus software because we’re invested in you. Our top-down approach to preventing IT problems means that we aim to stop your tech troubles before they even occur, and that starts with protecting your data and resources. To learn more, contact us today!