Springfield Blue Print Letter of Reference

SBP has used ACIS IT Solutions for our Managed IT Services for the past two years and they have done an outstanding job for us. Prior to hiring ACIS, SBP had used two different Managed IT Service providers in the Springfield area. We were with one of them for about seven years and with the other one for about three years. I can honestly say that our experience with ACIS has been far superior to the other two previous providers.

ACIS provides me with the same detailed monthly reports as all of the other providers but that is really not important to me. The first thing that is important to me is that everything is up and running and that when we do have an issue it is resolved quickly. We have many different vendors and software that we use for Customer Orders, Printer RIPs, Accounting, Web Based Project Management, Plan Rooms, E-Commerce, etc. ACIS works as a member of our team working with these vendors to solve issues and facilitate software and hardware upgrades. The second thing that is important to me is that my network is secure and that my data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite every day. ACIS monitors this very closely and I can sleep well at night knowing that everything is in great shape.

Travis Schnelle the president of ACIS is very cost conscious on everything and my monthly bill is very consistent. I do not have a bunch of extra charges on my bill for “hidden things” that are not covered under the contract. Travis gave me his cell phone number on the first day we met and I have called him on numerous occasions both day and night over the past two years and he has always without exception responded to me in a timely manner and taken immediate action on whatever issue I have had.

The best thing about ACIS is that I do not call them very often and what that means is that everything is up and running and that makes my customers happy and that makes my employees happy and all of that makes me happy.

Chuck McCann