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At ACIS IT Solutions, we provide the best hardware at the right price. If you are looking for a high-end server or are in need of an entry level workstation, we have the right solutions to meet your needs. We partner with many manufactures like Dell, Asus, HP and Lenovo to provide the best options for you. If the particular application warrants a custom solution, we will build it for your particular situation using only the best components available from vendors like Asus, Intel, Gigabyte, Western Digital, Kingston, Corsair and Antec, to just name a few.

We work to help provide for you a complete workstation and server for you. We can give you advice on what is the best hardware to purchase. We can provide support and management solution for every computer in the organization. We use the best tools and proactive service processes to ensure that client computers are functioning properly, tuned, and protected from threats.

ACIS IT Solutions staff will help you decide on what is the most suitable workstation that you need either for your home of office use. We can, of course, as mentioned set up a customized PC for you that would be suitable for your particular needs.

The differences between a Server and a Workstation are:

A server is an application or device that perform services for connected clients as part of client server architecture. It can also be a computer system that is designated to running a specific server application. A server can also serve applications to users on the internet. Any computer can be turned into a web server by installing server software and connecting the machine to the internet. They are configured with additional processing, memory and storage capacity to handle the load of clients. Servers have the ability to keep data protected from attackers.

A workstation is a personal computer that is used for high end applications such as graphic design, video editing, CAD, 3-D design, or other CPU and RAM intensive programs. A workstation typically has a top of the line, fast processor, multiple hard drives, and a lot of RAM memory. A workstation may also have special audio, video, or processing cards for special editing work. A workstation is marketed by computer manufacturers to professional users, while the server is more of a utility device.

Whatever your computing needs: Laptop, Desktop or Server, ACIS IT Solutions can provide for you the right solution at the right price. We have a wide array of product specifications to choose from. Plus, you get the benefit of us installing your server and workstations since we have the experienced staff to perform these tasks for you. Please contact us at 417-823-7100 or by clicking here.



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