Off Site Cloud Backup Service

ACIS IT Solutions is proud to offer Enterprise class disaster recovery that every business can afford.

Running a business without reliable offsite data protection is a risk that more than half of all small businesses take every day. Threats are everywhere… hackers, viruses, power failures, natural disasters or fire may cause you to lose your data. Losing your data means losing your livelihood — so why take the risk? The reason is simple it hasn’t been affordable. Not until now.

A well designed back up solution is the best strategy you need to protect your data and thus minimizing the burden of your management team. Giving them more leeway to think for the business and other pressing situations.

ACIS IT Solutions is now offering a full back-up and disaster recovery solution which is powered by the cloud. The solution is as cost-efficient and reliable as the Internet itself. That’s because it is built on the same principles. By encrypting your data and redundantly storing it on nodes in the network, cloud-based backup provides a convenient and affordable offsite storage and disaster recovery solution. We have eliminated the need for clumsy, unreliable backup tapes and expensive data center-based online systems. No tapes and no hidden per GB fees — sounds good, right?

How does it work?

The Cooperative Storage Cloud is a revolutionary solution that combines the best practices of disaster recovery, data security and distributed networking.

The big idea is simple: give local storage, get online storage. Members contribute unused server space equal to the amount they consume in the storage cloud. The Cooperative Storage Cloud handles the day-to-day management of network security and administration of the Cooperative Storage Cloud.

How does it work?

Encrypted on your machine using 256-bit military grade AES algorithm

Divided up into fragments using Reed-Solomon redundancy scheme for robust durability and high availability

Further secured by spreading these fragments out to hundreds of nodes participating in the network

Sent and retrieved in parallel to maximize the speed of backup and restore

Easily retrieved as needed for restore

Contact ACIS IT Solutions about this cost effective reliable and effective Off-Site Backup Solution, 417-823-7100 or by clicking here. We will be happy to explain and show you why this offering is almost selling by itself. With quick installation, we can get the backup installed and working quickly to make sure your valuable data is protected.


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